TMJ Disorder and How Dental Implants in Atlanta GA Can Help


If you’ve experienced the pain of your jaw locking up or irritation from tinnitus “ringing” in your ears, you might have temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ / TMD. Coupling these symptoms with any missing, cracked or broken teeth, and your dentist will likely suggest dental implants in Atlanta GA for some relief for both of these areas.

With dental implants in Atlanta, Georgia, you can not only replace broken or missing teeth, but you can take a big step towards TMD relief at the same time. If you have missing teeth and are experiencing the symptoms of TMD, your dentist will help assess your need for dental implants as a possible solution.

What Is TMJ Disorder?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint that connects the top of your jaw to the sides of your head, right in front of your ears on either side. This joint is surrounded by helpful muscles that, in conjunction with the joint, allow the jaw to move and help with eating, talking, yawning, etc. When there is damage to this joint and / or the surrounding muscles and tissue, TMJ disorder can begin to develop. Depending on the type of trauma, dental implants offer a good solution to mitigate the symptoms of TMJ disorder by addressing it at the source.

There are many factors that can contribute to TMJ disorder, and not all of them are related to missing teeth. TMD can arise due to teeth grinding and bad posture, and patients can experience a wide range of symptoms. Some patients report hearing popping and clicking as they open and close their jaw, others have mentioned a sore jaw area and difficulty opening fully. In extreme cases of TMD, the jaw can actually freeze in place or “lock up” in an uncomfortable position. 

Why Are TMJ Disorders More Common in People in Need of Dental Implants?

Just like prolonged teeth clenching and grinding can cause TMJ disorder, so can missing teeth. Patients that are missing teeth often report experiencing symptoms of TMD, as missing a tooth can alter the alignment of your jaw drastically. In order to maintain proper function, your jaw will adjust to compensate for the missing tooth, creating a misalignment in the jaw. Over time, this poor alignment begins to wear out the jaw and the surrounding muscles and tissue, leading to the pain and other symptoms associated with TMD.

TMJ disorder essentially boils down to too much stress on the jaw for a prolonged period of time. Whether that’s from teeth grinding or missing a tooth, neither keeps the jaw stress-free.

How Can Dental Implants in Atlanta GA Help?

If you are missing teeth and experiencing the symptoms of TMJ disorder, dental implants in Atlanta GA might be the solution you are looking for. The procedure of dental implants is to actually drill into the jawbone itself and fit that space with a new, fake tooth. When the screw is placed in the jaw, there is sturdy pressure to correct a misalignment in the jaw and realign your entire bite.

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