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Facial trauma is severe injuries to the face and requires a lot of specialized training and experience to handle. Dr. Shahriari HAS EXTENSIVE TRAINING AND EXPERTISE in facial trauma injuries, and we’re all well-prepared to handle an emergency if one happens. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly-trained to manage facial trauma: that includes everything from facial lacerations to knocked out teeth to fractured facial bones & jaws. Any injury to the mouth, face, and jaw can fall under the category of facial trauma.

The surgeons and professional that works on facial trauma are well versed in emergency care procedures.

These kinds of injuries are not only traumatic physically, but often involve shock and emotional trauma as well.

These kinds of injuries are much more common than you might think: most people have experienced one, whether it’s caused by a motor vehicle accident or an accident at home or on the job. These injuries are usually classified as either soft tissue injuries, which includes damage to the skin and gums; bone injuries and fractures; or injuries to specific regions like the eyes or facial nerves.

Soft Tissue Facial Injuries

These kinds of injuries include lacerations to the face, as well as intraoral lacerations. In most cases, these kinds of injuries are best repaired by stitching or suturing the wound. Our surgeons take care to inspect and treat all facial injuries and to produce the best cosmetic result possible. We understand that you want to avoid permanent visual damage to your face. We can also treat the underlying structures in the facial region as well.

Bone Injuries and Fractures

Bone injuries and fractures can be very serious. Any fractures to the facial bones need to be stabilized, much like any other bone that can be broken or fractured. However, it presents a problem as facial bones can’t really be stabilized with a sling or cast. We opt for methods like rigid fixation which involves stabilizing the jaws by the surgical placement of small plates and screws. Doing so allows the bone to heal, and provides more freedom than wiring the jaws together. Our ultimate goal, other than a safe recovery, is that your facial appearance not be severely affected by the injury.

Tooth Injuries

A facial trauma related to the teeth goes far beyond a simple necessity of having to have a tooth pulled. Sometimes this involves fractures to the supporting bone, and sometimes involves teeth that have been completely displaced. Sometimes teeth can be replanted, otherwise, implants will be necessary. Any tooth that has been knocked out should be placed in milk or salt water immediately. It can be saved and re-inserted but must be done as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to clean or wipe the tooth.

Contact us via our site or give us a call if you have questions about facial trauma treatment. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

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