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Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are the four extra molars that grown in when you’re around age 18. Your mouth is designed to hold a total of 28 teeth, but those extra four bring your total up to 32: 16 on top, 16 on the bottom. Those range from your incisors, canines, and bicuspids at the front of your mouth to the molars in the back. Since your mouth can’t quite fit all of those extra teeth, usually wisdom teeth removal is recommended.

Why Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Ignoring your wisdom teeth can lead to a lot of problems. In rare cases it’s ok to leave them, we recommend consulting with your dentist to check on their progress to make a determination.

While it’s possible for them to erupt and align properly with healthy gum tissue, it’s not common. Usually, wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary when the wisdom teeth are prevented from erupting properly. They often grow sideways, are only partially emerged from the gum, or can be trapped under gum and bone. The new teeth can become impacted as they seek a path to grow in.

These impacted teeth can cause a lot of issues: partially erupted teeth can create openings around them that let in bacteria, eventually causing infection. That causes swelling, stiffness, pain, and can cause illnesses as well. Wisdom teeth can push other teeth out of the way and interfere with the alignment of your teeth. In more serious cases, tumors and cysts can form around impacted wisdom teeth and destroy the jawbone. Most of these problems are solved with a successful wisdom tooth extraction: the earlier it’s done, the more of these issues can be prevented.

Oral Examinations

Oral exams are key to evaluation the position and state of your wisdom teeth. Dr. Shahriari can predict if there are present or future issues with x-rays. Early evaluation and treatment have a much better outcome for patients, so it’s important to be mindful of it as early as the mid-teenage years. During an exam we can tell what will happen if you don’t get them removed, and determine the best time to do the removal.

All of our outpatients surgeries are performed under the appropriate anesthesia for your comfort. Dr. Shahriari has the training, license, and experience to provide anesthesia and take care of all your other surgical needs.

Removal Procedure

In most cases we can perform a wisdom teeth removal surgery under local anesthesia, nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia, or general anesthesia. We’ll discuss all of your options, including surgical risks, before the surgery is performed.

After removing wisdom teeth, the gums will be sutured with gauze in place to help stop the bleeding. You’ll be provided with a postoperative kit that includes instructions for care after the surgery, as well as prescriptions for pain medication and an antibiotic.

Our services are provided in an environment of optimum safety that utilizes modern monitoring equipment and staff who are experienced in anesthesia techniques.

Please contact us online or call us. We’ll answer any questions you have and make sure you have the help you need!


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