Critical Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon About Botox for Migraines

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Anyone who has battled even one migraine knows how painful they can be. For some, migraines are a difficult part of their every-day lives! While there are a variety of migraine treatment options available, not all of them work on everyone, and some people will fight migraines for the rest of their lives until they seek an alternative treatment to medication. Botox for migraines is an out-of-the-box solution for “migraine brains” who feel like they have tried everything.

Asking your oral surgeon the following questions will not only help you better understand your migraines and the possible causes, but it can also get you on the right track towards relief with Botox for migraines.

I Have Frequent Headaches – Should I Be Tracking Them?

There are numerous factors that can cause a headache to occur, from dehydration and nutrition to stress or existing medical condition. While not every type of headache is a migraine, experiencing frequent headaches is enough reason to see your doctor. If you are facing multiple headaches several times a month (typically more than 15), it’s a good idea to track the frequency, severity and even location of the headache to better understand where it’s coming from and find the right treatment option.

My Medications Don’t Work – Do I have Chronic Migraine, and Can Botox for Migraine Treatment Help? 

At first, your neurologist might prescribe one or two medications to help combat the ancillary symptoms of migraines. What often happens is that the patient builds up a tolerance and the medications decrease in effectiveness, calling for an increase in dose or a shift towards a cocktail of pills to get the job done. Botox for migraine treatment offers an alternative to traditional medicine by relaxing the muscles right at the source, eliminating pain patterns from radiating through your head, neck and shoulders.

What Happens During a Botox Treatment Session? How Long Does It Last?

The process for getting Botox for migraine treatment is nearly identical to getting Botox for cosmetic reasons. Minimal pain is reported during and following the procedure, wherein Botox is injected at the site of tension and / or pain, and the number of injections required varies based on the severity of pain, among other factors.

In most cases, one treatment lasts for 10 to 12 weeks, and some have experienced a welcome drop in the number of headache days by half (50%)! Every case is different, however, so be sure to discuss these questions with your oral surgeon to fully understand your unique treatment plan.

Will Botox Conflict with My Other Medications?

There are certain medications that may interact with Botox, including some antibiotics, anticoagulants, Alzheimer’s medication, and more. Like with any new treatment, it is critical to speak with your regular physician for approval before experimenting. Being honest about any underlying issues you have encountered is also important, so your doctor and oral surgeon can safely determine whether Botox is the right treatment option for you. 

Will My Oral Surgeon Administer the Botox for Migraine Treatment? Or Do I Need to See a Plastic Surgeon?

When one hears “Botox” it’s natural for the mind to jump straight to those reality shows that feature plastic surgery gone wrong, but Botox for migraines is a fairly common and simple procedure. An oral surgeon is able to administer Botox for migraines, but they have to be certified first through a designated course. Be sure to look for this certification before committing to having anyone doing your Botox injections.

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