Zygomatic Implants


For individuals with severe bone loss, the prospect of obtaining dental implants used to be a long, often painful process. Invasive grafting procedures to establish adequate bone volume for the placement of conventional implants can be time-consuming and costly, but there is an alternative that can avoid grafts, shorten treatment time and improve your quality of life.

Introduced in the late 1990s, zygomatic implants can provide patients with implants through a minimally invasive application process without bone grafting, or complications and functional restrictions of the donor site. This immediately loaded prosthesis does not move, allowing for more confident speech, enhanced appreciation of foods and improved self-esteem.

Zygomatic implants vs conventional dental implants

Zygomatic implants differ from conventional dental implants in that they anchor in to the zygomatic bone (cheek bone) rather than the maxilla (upper jaw). They are used in cases where patients have inadequate maxillary bone quality or quantity due to, for example, aging, wearing dentures for a long time and it does not fit well any more, failed all-on-four, tumor removal surgery, trauma, or atrophy.

Since the zygomatic bone is denser than the posterior maxillary bone, a prosthesis can often be immediately placed at the time of surgery. Zygomatic implants are available in a wide array of lengths to fit any mouth. The head of the zygomatic implant is engineered to allow prosthesis attachment at a 45-degree angle.

Zygomatic implants have been in use for more than two decades, and clinical follow-up studies have shown good outcomes. The cumulative survival rate of zygomatic implants is 96% after 12 years.

Placement of zygomatic implants requires considerable surgical training and experience and meticulous diagnostic planning. The skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons at our state-of-the-art surgical center have the knowledge and experience to shortens time-to-teeth for increased patient satisfaction and allows patients suffering from severe bone loss to return to a normal quality of life. We are using cutting edge technology, 3D imaging, intraoral scanning to accurately fabricate surgical guide for 100% accuracy and shortening the duration of the surgery. We are one of the first centers using this technology to give the best possible treatment to our patients.

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