Why Choose A Board-Certified Oral Surgeon?

board certified oral surgeon

If you need oral surgery in the greater Atlanta area, you may be wondering if you should choose a specialized, board-certified oral surgeon, also known as an “oral and maxillofacial surgeon,” or OMS for short.

Does it really matter? And what’s the difference between a dentist and an oral surgeon, anyway? In this blog from Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, we’ll discuss all the details, and help you understand why working with a board-certified oral surgeon is so important for the best results.

1. Board-Certified Oral Surgeons Have Years Of Additional Training

Dentists typically study for 3-4 years to earn their dental degrees, and may also spend another 1-2 years studying a specialty like pediatric care. But board-certified oral surgeons must spend even longer on their education.

Typically, a board-certified oral surgeon will spend 3-4 years in dental school to earn their DDS or DMD degree and become a dentist. Then, they will spend 4-6 years in medical training, studying things like facial anatomy, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, and advanced surgical treatment. They may even earn a second medical degree (MD) along with their dental degree.

Basically, this means that board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons have much more experience handling complex cases than other dentists. It’s their specialty, and they’ve spent years studying oral surgery and refining their skills and abilities.

2. Board Certification Guarantees That An Oral Surgeon Is An Expert In Their Field

To become board-certified, an oral surgeon must study through an accredited program and pass a special board certification test from the ABOMS (American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

This test is extremely complex and extensive, and covers an enormous variety of practical and theoretical subjects. Only after passing the board certification test and having their credentials reviewed can an oral surgeon can be considered board-certified as a diplomate of the ABOMS. 

3. Board-Certified Oral Surgeons Must Renew Their Certification Every Year

Board certification is not permanent. In order to maintain their certification, oral surgeons must show their commitment to life-long learning. They are required to renew their certification yearly, and provide proof of things like hands-on training, lecture attendance, and other studies related to their field. This means oral surgeons are always learning about new treatment methods, surgical techniques, and other important information that can improve their ability to provide surgical care for patients.

4. Oral Surgeons Offer A Wider Range Of Treatments Than Other Dentists

Many dentists offer simple oral surgeries like extractions or dental implants. But you’ll need an oral surgeon for more complex care like orthognathic (jaw) surgery, facial reconstructive surgery, cleft palate surgery, and other such treatments. If you need oral or maxillofacial surgery, a board-certified oral surgeon can provide all of the care you need in one place, no matter how complex or challenging your case may be.

5. You’ll Have Peace Of Mind And Get The Best Possible Treatment Results 

Seeing a board-certified oral surgeon means you’re working with a specialist. They have the years of hands-on experience and training that you need to guarantee the best possible outcome for your surgery. You can rest easy and know that you’re in good hands with a board-certified oral surgeon like Dr. Abtin Shahriari.

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