What Is The Healing Process After Getting Zygomatic Implants? What To Expect

What Is The Healing Process After Getting Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are a great choice if you have lost some of your natural jaw bone tissue, but you still want full-mouth dental implants. In this procedure, special dental implants are anchored deeply into the zygomatic bone, which forms part of your cheek and eye socket.

But what can you expect after you get zygomatic implants? Is the recovery process different from other types of dental implants? Find out now in this blog from Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery!

1-3 Days After Surgery – Initial Steps For Recovery 

Right after your surgery, Atlanta oral surgeon Dr. Abtin Shahriari will attach a set of temporary teeth to your zygomatic implants. You will wear these until your zygomatic implants have fully healed, then they will be replaced with a permanent set of new teeth.

As your numbing and sedation wear off, you may begin to experience pain and discomfort. This will usually peak and then start to diminish after 2-3 days. Icing the outside of your face near the treatment area can help with pain, swelling, and inflammation.

You will need to take any antibiotics and painkillers as prescribed by Dr. Shahriari. Bleeding is common during this time, and you can absorb blood with clean gauze packs. You should avoid heavy exercise for at least three days, since this can worsen bleeding and prolong your recovery time. You also must avoid smoking.

As far as dental hygiene goes, you should rinse your mouth with salt water or a prescription mouthwash, depending on Dr. Shahriari’s recommendation. You can also use a toothbrush to gently brush your new teeth, but avoid using toothpaste for 3-4 days.

When it comes to your diet, you’ll need to eat very soft foods or liquid foods like scrambled eggs, oatmeal, ice cream, smoothies, and soup. This ensures that minimal strain is put on your new teeth.

3-7 Days After Surgery – Healing And Reduced Discomfort

Bleeding should mostly have stopped by now, and you should be feeling less pain, discomfort, and swelling. You can start using toothpaste to brush your teeth. You can also resume physical activity, though we recommend avoiding very heavy exertion for a week or longer.

You should continue to eat very soft or liquid foods for about a week. Then, you can start eating some other soft foods. Everything you eat should be soft enough to cut with a fork. If you can hear yourself chewing, the food is too hard. You also must avoid any foods that require you to bite into them with your front teeth, like bagels, pizza, nuts, and popcorn.

1-2 Weeks And Afterward – Continued Healing And Recovery

After a week or two, you should feel mostly normal. However, it will still take much longer for your implants to heal and bond with your bone, sometimes up to 10 months. For the most part, you can live your normal life after about two weeks.

Continue brushing your new teeth and eating a soft diet. You should also avoid smoking for at least three weeks after your procedure, and blowing your nose for two weeks. 

You also will need to come into Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery for follow-ups. We’ll usually see you once about a week after your appointment, and schedule monthly visits so that Dr. Shahriari can check on your recovery.

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