What is PRP Treatment and How Does it Work?

PRP treatment

With the advances in modern technology, the regenerative medicine field is rapidly developing innovative treatment options that can utilize your body’s own biological materials to address a myriad of dental and cosmetic concerns. Whether you are struggling with terminal teeth, hair loss, or other issues, there is a minimally invasive solution that can reduce your recovery time and give you the exceptional results you deserve so you can feel like your best self. With PRP treatment, you can rejuvenate your body using your own platelets to get the smile you have always wanted, reverse signs of aging and so much more!

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What is PRP Treatment?

Also known as Platelet-Rich Plasma, PRP treatment is an injection that uses your platelets to harness your body’s natural healing abilities to quickly regenerate your tissues. Your plasma, which is the liquid part of your blood, contains platelets that are circulated in your system. Since these blood cells are rich in protein, they enable cell growth and help your blood to clot when you experience injury. As a result of these characteristics, researchers and medical professionals have begun using these platelets to promote cell growth and healing with PRP treatments. These treatments can address a variety of issues including arthritis, muscle pain, injuries, tendonitis, cosmetic concerns, dental implant procedures, and more!

What are the Advantages of PRP Treatments?

The greatest benefit to PRP treatments is that they regulate your body’s healing process, so no matter how you are using the procedure, the recovery time will be almost immediate. Also, since these treatments are injections, they are minimally invasive and do not require the same amount of preparation associated with traditional surgery.

How Does PRP Treatment Work?

If you are interested in receiving PRP treatment, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Abtin. During this appointment, he will review your medical history and assess if you are an eligible candidate for the treatment. If approved, he will book you for a second visit where you will receive your injection.

During this appointment, Dr. Abtin will begin the process by drawing your blood. The amount of blood he draws will be dependent on the issue you are addressing and the location of the injection site. Once this is done, he will put your sample in a centrifuge. This machine uses centrifugal force to separate the components of your blood to isolate your platelets. After 15 minutes, Dr. Abtin will retrieve these platelets and place them into the needle for the injection. In some instances, he may use ultrasound or imaging to map the injection site before applying it to the affected area.

The PRP treatment process takes 30 to 60 minutes. In certain circumstances, Dr. Abtin will advise you to rest the area of the injection site to help with recovery, though you should be able to resume normal activity directly following your visit. It is common for the results of the injection to take a few weeks to appear, much like the way your body naturally heals itself. However, after this period, you will experience growth and healing to achieve a significant transformation.

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