What Can Dermal Fillers Do for You?

dermal fillers

Dreams of fuller cheeks, smoother skin and plumper lips are what prompt most people to pursue some form of dermal filler. Dermal fillers offer a safe, minimally invasive alternative to traditional plastic surgery procedures like a face lift. These fillers are designed for subtlety, but before you get “pumped up,” read on to learn a little more about the procedure to better to determine if its right for you!

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are typically made from hyaluronic acid, which may sound harsh but is actually a substance found naturally in the skin. Like Botox, dermal fillers help to reduce facial lines and restore elasticity and fullness in the face. However, unlike it’s close cousin, dermal fillers don’t “freeze” the skin to create tightness. Instead, the hyaluronic acid is a natural hydrator, and it replenishes the skin’s natural hyaluronic production, which we tend to lose as we age, for a hydrated and plump look.

The dermal filler has changed over time, moving away from the once-used collagen to enhance facial volume. The modern fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm use the hyaluronic acid “gel” mentioned above to create a more natural, smooth look as it flows evenly into the skin.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

So we know what dermal fillers are, but what are the benefits? If you’re wondering what dermal fillers can do for you, consider the following benefits patients have experienced with them:

  • Decrease or remove under-eye shadows
  • Enhance shallow contours
  • Improve the look of recessed scars
  • Plump up thin lips
  • Reconstruct facial contour deformities
  • Soften creases and wrinkles

Dermal fillers also combat signs of aging through this simple rejuvenation procedure. Some patients would never consider plastic surgery but are unhappy with the look of their face, whether it’s because of wrinkles, narrow or thin lips or unsightly recesses or other issues. Dermal fillers offer a simple, quick and painless solution to plastic surgery, while still offering patients the youthful benefits.

What is Juvéderm?

Earlier on we mentioned the brand of filler called Juvéderm. While you may have heard of it, it’s a relatively new dermal filler used in the U.S. and is made by the same company that produces Botox. Juvéderm is an injectable gel the contains a high concentration of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, with results that last quite a long time. The smoothness of the gel substance transfers to create facial smoothness once injected and flows evenly to create a more natural look than other fillers and Botox.

See for Yourself What Dermal Fillers Can Do for You!

If you’ve experience unhappiness with the look of your face due to wrinkles, scars or other reason but don’t want to go through the process of plastic surgery, dermal fillers are the perfect solution to help you look your best and restore a youthful look.

It’s crucial to find the right person to conduct your dermal filler injections. At Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, our highly trained staff are available to answer all of your questions about dermal fillers and whether or not it’s the right procedure for the goals you have in mind. If you’re considering dermal fillers, call us today at 404-890-7266 or go online to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled surgeons.