What Can a Dental Implant Specialist Do for You?


You may find that going to the dentist can be a fearful or stressful experience, causing you to put it off, even when you know delaying your visit could negatively affect your oral health. Over time, this can lead to potential issues like chipped or missing teeth. If you find yourself in this situation, you might be experiencing a lack of confidence that is keeping you from living your best life, but there is no need to feel downtrodden. You can still correct these issues with the help of dental implants. At Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, our dental implant specialist will provide you with stress-free care guaranteed to transform your smile and your quality of life.

Why Dental Implant Specialists Recommend Dental Implants for Tooth Loss

Dental implant specialists recommend dental implants for tooth loss because they provide a permanent solution to issues of missing teeth. Dental implants help regain the appearance of your smile by maintaining the bone density in your jaw. By getting them installed with the assistance of dental implant specialists, you also protect the integrity of the remaining teeth surrounding a lost tooth by decreasing their potential for shifting and decay, which helps maintain good oral hygiene.

How a Implants Can Improve Your Health and Well-Being

There are many ways in which dental implant specialists can raise your standard of living by installing dental implants to correct issues of tooth loss.


  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem. When you have missing teeth and exposed gaps in your mouth, it can negatively affect your smile confidence. However, dental implants are designed to look and feel like your natural teeth. As a result, you will regain a beautiful smile that will improve your appearance and restore your self-confidence.


  • Positive effect on your professional life. When seeking out professional opportunities, first impressions matter. And your smile may be one of the first aspects of your physical appearance noticed by prospective employers. When you suffer from tooth loss, you may fear that employers could use this to make snap judgements about your self-discipline and ability to work for the company. But with dental implants, you can rest assured that you will be putting your best foot forward from the first smile and beyond.


  • Renewed interest in personal relationships. If you are concerned about your smile due to tooth loss, you may experience feelings of depression and anxiety that adversely impact your social life. The negative stigma surrounding poor oral health can cause you to shy away from your friends and loved ones. But with dental implants, your self-confidence will be restored, renewing your interest in your personal relationships.


Let the Dental Implant Professionals at Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery Restore Your Smile

Our dental implant specialist will utilize cutting-edge technology and patient-centered care to provide you with an exceptional experience that will enhance your smile. Contact Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery today to schedule your complimentary dental implant consultation.

When you work with the dental implant specialists at Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, you will receive world-class treatment guaranteed to make you feel like family.