TMJ Treatments That Work Without Surgery

TMJ disorder can cause significant amounts of pain in the jaw area. While there is a perception that this ailment can only be resolved through invasive surgery, nothing is further from the truth. TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, is a term that refers to a variety of different maladies that often manifest as the limited movement of the jaw joint or pain in the area when chewing. With more than 20% of the adult population experiencing these issues, finding a non-surgical TMJ treatment is of critical importance. Fortunately, there are several effective ways to limit your TMJ pain through Botox injections and oral appliances.

Do You Have These TMJ Symptoms?

TMJ pain can manifest itself in several different ways, such as a grinding or a popping feeling in your jaw. Other TMJ symptoms may be more painful and can include strained muscles in the head and face, causing earaches and headaches. Oddly enough, stress may be one of the key causes of TMJ symptoms, as stress can cause us to hold on to tension instead of allowing it to naturally flow through our bodies and be expelled. Tension headaches and lack of sleep can exacerbate the problem, leading to a negative spiral of more pain. While exact symptoms can be difficult to pinpoint, TMJ pain often includes difficult chewing or aching facial pain. In more severe cases, you may even notice that you are unable to completely open or close your mouth due to a jaw that fully or partially locks up. Many individuals unknowingly live with TMJ for years before the pain becomes severe enough to seek any type of treatment.

Relieving TMJ Pain with Botox

Some individuals choose to manage their TMJ pain on their own, but there often comes a time when the pain and swelling are too great for at-home treatments and it can no longer be ignored. Perhaps one of the most promising new treatments to reduce TMJ pain is targeted treatment with Botox. You may be familiar with Botox as an option to relax wrinkles, but this treatment may also assist by relaxing the muscles around the joint that are causing headaches or earaches. When jaw tension is reduced, you are less likely to grind your teeth in your sleep. As a bonus, TMJ treatment with Botox is much less expensive and less invasive than traditional surgery options.

TMJ Treatment with Oral Appliances

If your TMJ pain is caused from clenching and grinding your teeth during sleep, Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery can fit you for a night guard. This device is worn over your teeth and helps to keep them apart while you sleep. Without the clenching and grinding, your muscles are able to relax and the pain is relieved.

Another TMJ treatment that is similar to a night guard is an anterior positioning appliance. This is worn 24 hours per day and positions your jaw forward to help relieve pressure and reposition the disk.


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