The Benefits of Teeth in an Hour Dental Implants in Atlanta

Patient with dental implants

If you have lost your natural teeth because of disease, trauma, or decay, it affects more than just your oral health. It influences the way you view yourself and causes a self-consciousness that makes it challenging to move through life with ease. If you are facing this firsthand and are feeling hopeless, there is a solution that can help. With teeth in an hour, you will get fully functional and beautiful teeth so you can start living your best life once again.

At Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, we use the latest in cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results.

What is Teeth in an Hour?

Teeth in an hour is a revolutionary, computer-guided implant surgery that provides you with natural-looking replacement teeth to give you the gorgeous smile you have always wanted. With some preparatory worked performed in advance, your new teeth are created in a lab beforehand so that you can get them affixed onto your dental implants in a single appointment. Leave the office on the same day and begin enjoying your new smile immediately!

The Benefits of Teeth in an Hour

There are many advantages that make teeth in an hour one of the most popular treatment methods available.

  • Non-invasive. The implants are precisely placed for accuracy using precision drilling. As a result, no incisions are necessary and no sutures are required, so there is little swelling or discomfort after the surgery.


  • Fewer appointments. While teeth in an hour will require preparatory visits to design your new teeth, they are few compared to other dental procedures.


  • Custom designed teeth. Your new teeth are created just for you. By matching the shade, shape and gingiva color of your natural teeth, your new implants are made to perfection to give you an aesthetically pleasing smile.


  • Immediate functionality. Since the surgery is minimally invasive, you will be able to eat and work immediately following your procedure.


Determining If These Implants are Right for You

While teeth in an hour can provide the ideal solution for damaged or missing teeth, there are some requirements that must be met to be eligible for the procedure. Along with having a healthy jawbone, you must have a superior quality of bone mass to support your implants and prosthesis. In instances where there is inadequate bone mass, you may need to get a bone graft procedure to qualify for the surgery. Schedule a consultation to determine if teeth in an hour are right for you.

With Teeth in an Hour, You Will Regain Your Smile and Your Confidence 

At Greater Atlanta Oral Facial surgery, we understand the crucial role that a healthy smile plays into your confidence and sense of self. As a result, we will provide you with the absolute best in dental implant treatment so you can feel like the greatest version of yourself once again. After you receive teeth in an hour, you will not be able to stop grinning from ear to ear.

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When you work with Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, you are guaranteed to regain your sensational smile.