Teeth in an Hour – Dental Implants


Like most people who have lost some or all of their natural teeth to dental disease or trauma, you want to have a restoration placed as soon as possible. Perhaps having a gap in your smile makes you feel self-conscious or you find it more challenging to care for your oral health.

From the perspective of an oral surgeon, obtaining dental implants as soon as possible is essential to prevent additional issues such as improper tooth alignment. This popular procedure normally requires several visits over the course of a few months to complete. Thanks to a new procedure called computer-guided implant surgery at Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, you can now get new teeth in an hour.


A Faster and More Efficient Way to Receive Dental Implants

With our teeth in an hour procedure, your oral surgeon provides you with fully functional replacement teeth attached to one or more dental implants. We prepare for the procedure in advance by sending your dental prosthesis to our laboratory to have it crafted to your exact specifications.

On the day of your dental implant procedure, Dr. AbtinDr. Barrow or Dr. Holmes will use CAT scan technology to obtain an image of your jawbone. This is necessary because it allows your oral surgeon to create a working three-dimensional model of your entire jawbone to aid in the precise placement of your new replacement teeth.

After reviewing the 3D model, your doctor fits the implants directly into the surgical sites. Our pre-planning and almost immediate placement of your new teeth means that you experience less bruising and swelling after the procedure and may be able to resume your normal activities as soon as the next day.


Assessment of Bone Structure

Dental implants require you to have enough existing bone mass in the area of the implant to support it indefinitely after placement. If you have inadequate bone mass or it is of poor quality, you will need to come in for a separate bone graft procedure before receiving your dental implants. This involves removing a small portion of bone from one area in your mouth and transferring it to the implant area to give it more bulk.


Benefits of Same Day Dental Implants

The technology we have available at Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery enables us to replace a single tooth, multiple consecutive teeth, or all of your natural teeth in a single one-hour appointment. Your new replacement teeth appear as natural as any existing teeth you have and are equally as functional. You can eat and speak normally again as soon as you receive your one-hour dental implants.


Ask Your Dentist for a Referral Today

We understand that the possibility of receiving new teeth in an hour is exciting and that you probably have a lot of questions for us. If you are missing any of your natural teeth, just ask your dentist to refer you to our office for a consultation. We will schedule an appointment for your same-day procedure after answering all of your questions and determining that you are a good candidate to receive teeth in an hour dental implants.


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