Stem Cell Recovery


Stem cells are a unique avenue of medicine, because they have the power to drive the natural healing process. Stem cells differ from other cells in that they regenerate and can produce specialized cell types. They can be used to heal skin, bones, muscle, nerves, cartilage, and other tissues.
The National Institute of Health and Department of Health and Human Services have committed to the field of regenerative medicine, and the technology has been used to develop treatments for diseases that were previously thought untreatable. That includes diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, and spinal cord injuries.
It’s for this reason that we use stem cell recovery to treat a range of dental and facial issues. We can create living, functional tissue to replace damaged tissue in areas where the body can’t heal itself. Put another way, we use the body’s natural repair mechanism to address disease and trauma.
Stem cells, apart from their ability regenerate, also have the ability to differentiate themselves. That means that stem cells can grow into any one of a broad range of cell types to suit very specialized needs. We primarily deal with the powerful stem cells found in the teeth.

regenerative medicine

Stem cell recovery from the teeth has many advantages:

They’re very accessible, and can be recovered at the time of a planned procedure: that includes extraction of wisdom teeth, baby teeth, or any other teeth.
It’s an affordable process compared to other methods of extracting stem cells. It’s also much less invasive.
Recovering stem cells doesn’t add any significant time to a procedure, and can be performed in the doctor’s office.
They’re plastic, meaning that these cells can differentiate into many other types of tissue. That means that they can be used to treat a wide range of diseases and injuries.
There’s almost no chance of rejection when you use your own stem cells to treat an issue. Your body recognizes them as your own tissue and can easily incorporate them into the healing process.
These stem cells are adult, non-embryonic stem cells. There’s no moral or ethical controversy associated with the practice us using adult stem cells for healing purposes.


We partner with StemSave to recover teeth at the time of an extraction so that we can achieve the highest probability of stem cell viability. At the time of the planned procedure, we’ll deposit the extracted teeth into a transport kit to send to StemSave’s labs where the teeth will be processed. If the cells are viable, they’ll be preserved cryogenically and will be available for any future regenerative therapies. Stem cells age along with you when they’re inside your body, so it’s a great opportunity to extract stem cells when you or your child is younger.
The idea of regenerative medicine is no longer science fiction: it’s possible now. We’re witnessing breakthroughs like organ transplants done with organs grown entirely from a person’s own stem cells. This removes the uncertainty of finding a donor in time for patients who need transplants.
Heart tissue, bone, insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells, and many other tissues are also being grown from stem cells. Personalized stem cell applications will become the new standard for treatment soon.

With StemSave, protecting your family’s future health by securing stem cells is easy. StemSave works with us to recover teeth during an extraction to ensure the best chance of stem cell viability. You can register here. StemSave is located at:

526 West 26th Street, Suite 622 New York, NY 10001 877

To learn more about regenerative medicine opportunities and stem cell extractions, please contact us, call our offices at 404-491-8943 or 404-649-5536, or visit StemSave on their website. We’ll be ready to answer any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment and talk you through your treatment options.

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