Seeking Dental Implants in Buckhead? How to Determine if They’re Right for You

dental implants bulkhead

There’s nothing quite like the confidence that comes from a bright, beautiful smile. When a few teeth are missing or damaged, it can strike a real blow to your self-esteem. Luckily, there are experts in your neighborhood waiting to help you regain your smile. So, if you’re considering dental implants in Buckhead, Ga, make sure you fully understand the procedure and the potential benefits to help determine if they’re right for you.

What is Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery is meant to replace damaged teeth with solid, durable artificial teeth. The artificial teeth look, feel and function like real ones, and they offer a great alternative solution to the traditional dentures or bridges. Dental implants fit much better than the more common options, as they are designed to mimic the natural tooth and roots. When a patient is lacking natural teeth roots, building dentures or bridgework tooth replacements can be difficult, which is where dental implants can really save the day.

Depending on the type of implant and your unique jawbone, dental implant surgery can vary – but regardless of the type of surgery, your new teeth will feel secure. Once the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone, the bone will heal tightly around the implant and serve as the roots of a missing tooth. 

Should You Get Dental Implants?

There are many reasons someone may decide to get dental implants, most commonly to replace one or more missing teeth. While dentures and bridges are available, they’re prone to slippage, making noise, and potential bone damage. However, there are a few must-haves if dental implants are the route you choose. For example:

  • Jawbone must be fully developed
  • Jawbone must have enough mass to secure the implants
  • You must have healthy oral tissues
  • Must be free from any health conditions that could inhibit bone healing
  • Must have ability to commit several months to the healing process

While the process is relatively quick and painless, the healing process can take several months, and you must be prepared to dedicate that kind of time to heal properly.

Choose Only the Best Dental Implants in Buckhead

If you’re unwilling or unable to use dentures, or if you’ve tried fixed bridges and you are looking for a more permanent solution, pursuing dental implants in Buckhead is something worth discussing with your dentist. You’ll want to find a dentist who uses top notch technology to ensure your dental implants look flawless, so you can get back your confidence.

Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery offers the highest caliber of dental implant surgery, thanks to our highly skilled doctors. There are several dental implant procedures to choose from, like the All-On-4 dental treatment, ceramic dental implants, etc. With so many options available for dental implants, it’s important to seek a consultation with a dentist skilled in implant dentistry.

Our doctors are here to answer your questions and help you understand every option available, so you can make the most informed decision for your smile. Have any questions? Looking to regain your smile with dental implants in Buckhead? Call us at 404-890-7266 or visit us online to schedule your consultation and get back to a brighter you, today!