How Safe is Implant Dentistry?

You may have been considering dental implants for a while now, but one question may be weighing heavily on your mind: is implant dentistry safe? This is a question we are asked often at Greater Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery. Let’s explore the topic, shall we?

Implant Dentistry is Very Safe

Dental implants are very safe and very effective. Any medical procedure can have complications, but you can minimize this by following all surgical instructions and by choosing a knowledgeable dental implant expert like one of our oral surgeons. Having an experienced oral surgeon means he or she will skillfully handle any complications that might arise. Perhaps the biggest risk is a risk of infection, but this is still a minimal risk; even if it happens, it is very treatable. Patients have very few other complications and minimal discomfort.

Implants are also safe for all ages, even the elderly, as long as the patient is healthy. We will do a thorough examination and patient consultation to assess your case, determine whether implants are right for you, and discuss the benefits and risks of the procedure with you during your initial office visit.

A Quality Oral Surgeon Is Key

Two of the biggest ways to ensure a safe procedure are choosing the right oral surgeon and choosing an oral surgery office that uses the latest and greatest technology. Surgeons have been performing dental implant procedures for several decades now. Furthermore, the process has improved with modern technology that allows much more precise measurement and crafting of replacement teeth. Our offices use the latest in cutting edge technology for all aspects of the procedure—before, during, and after surgery.

At Greater Atlanta Oral and Facial Surgery, we are experts in implant dentistry. All of our oral surgeons are board certified, and our offices are certified by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. In fact, we are the only oral surgery office in Georgia to have this accreditation. We use the latest cutting-edge technology like 3D CT scanning equipment that guides us through our surgical plans. We offer state-of-the-art sterilization and onsite microbiology testing for sterilization.

Dental Implants Are a Great Option

More and more people are choosing dental implants as a tooth replacement option. In fact, implants are the best way to end certain problems caused by missing teeth, including deterioration of the underlying jaw bone and teeth that begin shifting into the empty socket.

Implants properly fill the missing socket, and your underlying jawbone is once again stimulated by natural chewing, so you will no longer lose bone. Implants are also a much more satisfying cosmetic option because they are more natural looking than other options like dentures or bridges.

Ready, Set, Go

If dental implants are sounding good to you right now, we would love to meet you and discuss it in detail with you. We have 2 office locations, including Buckhead and Cumming. To learn more about dental implants and whether they’re right for you, or to set up an appointment, contact us today.