PRP Treatment


PRP treatment is designed to stimulate healing and rejuvenate your body. Short for platelet rich plasma, PRP treatment consists of injecting your own plasma into parts of your body where the cells need a little extra help. Wondering about the benefits of this innovative therapy or how it could be useful to you? Here’s what you need to know.

How PRP Treatment Works

Typically, the process starts by taking a small amount of your blood. Then, the blood is spun in a centrifuge to extract the platelets, which are ultimately injected back into your body. The injection site varies based on how you are using the treatment.

The Benefits of Platelets

Platelets are at the heart of PRP treatment. They are responsible for clotting, and they play a wide range of other biological roles. Namely, they are critical in tissue repair and regeneration, and they also regulate various aspects of your body’s healing process.

Advantages of PRP Treatment

Athletes have long been turning to PRP treatment to help repair damage to their tendons, muscles, and ligaments. They also use this treatment to help with joint pain, and according to a study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, three rounds of PRP treatment helped 28 athletes reduce pain levels associated with chronic patellar tendinopathy.

PRP Treatment and Hair Loss

One popular application of PRP treatment is with hair loss. In this situation, the platelet-rich plasma injections help to revive the cells in that area to encourage more hair growth. In fact, one study published in The Journal of Stem Cells Translational Medicine looked at the effects of this treatment on 20 individuals, and the study found that men using PRP treatment grew more hair with more density than men who did not have access to that treatment.

PRP Treatment and Facial Rejuvenation

Due to the many therapeutic benefits of PRP treatment, many people are turning to this treatment for facial rejuvenation. The process is fast, and it often takes less than 20 minutes, meaning you can schedule treatment during your lunch hour or squeeze it in on a busy weekend. For your convenience, our offices are open on Saturdays from 7 am until 7 pm. PRP treatment is also less invasive than plastic surgery, and people love the results.

PRP Treatment and Dental Implants

Another area where PRP treatment can be useful is in conjunction with dental implants. Dental implants are a tooth replacement procedure that involves a very small post that ossifies to your jaw bone along with a dental prosthetic or crown above the gumline. This multiple step procedure requires surgery, and PRP treatment can help to speed up the process by allowing your gums to heal faster and your jaw bone to accept the implant more readily. The PRP also contains bone morphogenetic protein that encourages the growth of new bone. In addition to using PRP treatment for implants, some people also use this treatment with dental extractions to speed up healing time.

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