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The lips are part of the trio of the most noticed facial features, and in modern era, the most non-surgically enhanced facial characteristic. In some cases, an elongated upper lip (the area from the base of the nose to the pink of the upper lip) is genetically inherited, and in other cases, a long and thin upper lip is one of the first signs of aging. Age plays a large role in how the lips and mouth change over time. Men and women often notice the first signs of perioral and mouth aging by observing sagging and droopy corners of the mouth (oral commissures). They can also start noticing the skin of the upper lip becoming longer and the upper lip becoming thinner. From an aesthetic standpoint, this is an unfavorable change of upper lip to lower lip ratio. Many patients start noticing this change with age and they become self-conscious of the appearance of their lips. Some notice a thinning upper lip or straw lines, along with the longer upper lip. An upper lip lift is a great solution for those who wish to achieve a more harmonious and prominent upper lip. The procedure helps restore a youthful and balanced ratio of upper to lower lip, and improves the symmetry between the top and bottom lip. Dr. Abtin Shahriari is 20 minutes from Downtown Atlanta and located in the heart of Buckhead, Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery. Dr. Abtin also operates from his Cumming office in Forsyth county.


An upper lip lift is an elegant and short procedure. This procedure takes about an hour and you will be able to go home right after the procedure. It requires minimal anesthesia and downtime. It can help to reduce the vertical height of the area between the base of the nose to the cupid’s bow (the pink part of the upper lip that is v-shaped). It gives the upper lip a naturally larger appearance by curling out the pink upper lip and everting the upper lip. This specialized upper lip-lift eversion procedure with Lip Preservation Technique implements new advancements in the upper lip lift surgical approach which have not been utilized in previous lip lift procedures and focus on creating a naturally larger upper lip with shorter distance between nasal base and upper lip. You do not have to worry about visible scars because the scar will align with the crease of the nose. With this simple in-office procedure, Dr. Abtin will preserve the lip and lift the skin to provide the optimal results, bringing back that youthful and balanced beautiful lip ratio you can enjoy once again.


Greater Atlanta Lip Lift Surgery

There are many benefits that an upper lip lift can provide, including:

  • Subtle improvement of the corners of the mouth.
  • Increased natural volume (focus on natural enhancement of upper lip with one’s own lip tissue) of the upper lip due to the shortened length between the nose and mouth.
  • Enhancement of the Cupid’s bow
  • Decreased need for lip fillers. We have our in-house board certified physician for all of your lip filler needs to complement the procedure for some additional plumping of lips post-procedure if necessary.
  • Hollywood smile by increasing the upper tooth visibility (this is a HUGE improvement in the smile)
  • Improved definition of the philtral columns and Cupid’s bow.


When it comes to upper lip lift techniques, there are a variety of methods that are used today. These include bullhorn lip lift, corner lip lift, gullwing lip lift, modified upper lip lift, and Italian lip lift.


Men, women, and other range of identities may benefit from the lip lift procedure. We aim for natural results, especially for younger patients. Older patients can lose lip volume and develop an increase in vertical length between the base of the nose and upper lip as we age. The best candidates will be overall healthy with realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure. There are very few scenarios where a lip lift is not advisable, the main one being someone with a higher proportion of tooth show. A cosmetic dental consultation may be advised to see if you can have a tooth-shortening procedure and become a lip lift candidate.

Lip lift vs Lip fillers

A lifted lip vs. filled lip has a different look and really addresses a different problem. In a lip lift we remove the excessive skin above the lips and create a more youthful appearance. Lip fillers help with overall re-volumization of the lower and upper lips.


The upper lip lift procedure is performed in the office using local anesthesia. Most patients undergo the procedure while awake, as the numbing process is virtually pain-free. Most lip lift procedures take about 60-90 minutes to complete.

Incisions are created under the base of the nose in a skin crease to ensure that the scar is virtually invisible. The modifications in flap elevation and tension-free skin closure allow fast healing, rapid disappearance of incision sites, and avoidance of nostril widening.


Recovery from a lip lift is short, with clients seeing noticeable results in as little as three weeks. Swelling is to be expected, can be controlled with ice packs, and will dissipate with time. Dr. Abtin, our board certified oral maxillofacial cosmetic surgeon will provide you with specific instructions on how to minimize swelling and ensure safe healing. Any sutures will be removed 5-7 days after surgery. Results are typically seen a few weeks after the procedure with complete healing after a few months.

Recommendations Post Op

  • Clients should refrain from exercise for 1-2 weeks following the procedure to ensure optimal healing.
  • It is also recommended that you eat soft foods that do not require significant chewing for 48 hours after surgery.
  • Be sure to sleep on your back with your head elevated, as sleeping on your face may disturb healing.

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