5 Myths About Sedation Dentistry

Dental sedation

Sedation is sometimes necessary to help people get through certain dental procedures, such as those extensive ones that might require you to stay still for multiple hours in the chair. But, it can also be recommended for people dealing with severe dental anxiety, children, people with motor disorders, and more.

However, many patients become concerned whenever the topic of sedation comes back, and most of their hesitation can be traced back to 5 of these common myths concerning sedation dentistry.

1. Sedation Is Dangerous

There are risks involved with any dental procedure or treatment out there, and sedation is no exception. However, to call sedation more dangerous than other treatments is highly misleading.

For instance, some forms of sedation, like laughing gas, rarely come attached with risks. This is why it’s even recommended for children. Deciding what type of sedation will be used is only done once your Atlanta dentist reviews your medical history to ensure you are getting the safest one for your particular needs. Not only that, but for certain types of sedation, such as IV sedation, you will be constantly monitored by a trained professional.

2. It Puts You to Sleep

Not all sedation will make you go to sleep. For instance, laughing gas or sedation medication (also known as oral conscious sedation) will help you become more relaxed to easily get through a procedure.

In some cases, patients can be so relaxed that they fall asleep, but not always.

3. It Makes You Groggy for Days

Another misconception about sedation dentistry involves how fast it wears off. This of course would mean that their ability to work, drive, or go about their daily life would be impacted to a certain extent, but you’ll be happy to know this is not the case.

Most often, IV and oral sedation will wear off completely in a few hours, and will require you to find a ride to and from the appointment. The effects of more mild sedatives like nitrous oxide fade even quicker, often within minutes. 

4. It Involves a Painful Injection

Some do, but not all. Oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide do not require injections at all. The laughing gas is inhaled right in the dentist’s chair, while the oral conscious sedation is taken orally, just like any other medicine. 

5. It’s a Needless Procedure for Simple Dental Treatments

Your dentist should never recommend any treatment or procedure unless truly necessary, and if you have doubts about it, simply ask them why they think sedation is necessary for you.

In any case, sedation is sometimes necessary for ‘simple’ procedures when the patient suffers from anxiety or finds it difficult to remain still during their appointment. 

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