If you’re missing all your teeth, full dental implants can work as a replacement. They are more natural looking and comfortable than any other option. Here are the full details to help you decide if implants are right for you.


Preparing for Full Dental Implants

To ensure you’re ready, your dentist may have to extract some of your teeth. This applies in situations where you have extensive decay, and the teeth are likely to fall out anyway. For the implants to work, you need a healthy jaw bone, and if you don’t have enough bone in that area, the dentist will need to do a bone graft. Then, you need to wait for all of these issues to heal before progressing to the next step.


Inserting the Implants

The next step in the process is inserting the implants. If you’re getting traditional implants, the oral surgeon will insert very small metal posts into your mouth. Eventually, those anchor your prosthetics in place. For single implants, you get a post for every implant, but with full dental implants, you usually only get a few implants and bridges run between those implants.

Once the implants have been installed, the oral surgeon stitches your gums closed over them. That ensures that the implants are safe from infection or issues while they ossify to the bone.

However, if all the factors are inline and you are eligible to you get same-day implants, once the implant is placed, the temporary crown can also be fabricated and placed over the implant.  As a result, they get installed at the same time. You don’t get the implant first. Note that although this is a popular option if you just need a single implant, it also an option if you are getting all-on-4 where the prosthesis can be placed on the same day as well.

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Putting on the Crowns and Bridges

After the implant has ossified to the bone, you return to get the rest of these dental prosthetics. During this appointment, the dentist reveals the tops of the implant posts and places the caps or bridges on the posts. By the end of this appointment, you have a brand new smile that looks just like your natural teeth.


Recovering From Full Dental Implants

After the procedure, your mouth may be tender, and you need to give yourself some time to recover. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions, but you may need to eat soft foods for a few days while everything heals. On top of that, your surgeon may prescribe some pain medications to help you manage any soreness that you experience after the procedure.


Taking Care of Full Dental Implants

Once the implants have been permanently positioned in your mouth, you can take care of them just as you do your regular teeth. That includes brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Your full dental implants aren’t real which means they can’t get cavities. However, keeping them clean helps to prevent stains. It also stops debris and plaque from building up on your gum line and leading to gum disease.


At Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, we are Atlanta’s dental implant expert. Our office features board certified oral surgeons, and we test all our equipment daily to ensure patient safety. To learn more, please contact us to set up an appointment today. We would love to help you regain your smile.

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