When seeking treatment at Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, you may undergo certain procedures involving your canine or wisdom teeth that will result in the exposure of an impacted tooth. When this happens, you should abstain from disturbing the affected area and closely follow post-operative instructions given to you by your oral surgeon to aid in the recovery process.

Surgical Packing

In many instances, your oral surgeon may place surgical packing during your procedure. This allows the affected area to remain exposed and you should do everything you can to leave it be. However, should it become dislodged, do not be alarmed and contact your oral surgeon for further instructions.


You will experience some redness and bleeding in the 24 hours following your oral surgery. If the bleeding becomes excessive, use pressure to apply a gauze pad directly onto the affected area for 30 minutes. If the bleeding does not subside or worsens, reach out to your oral surgeon immediately.


It is normal for swelling to occur after your procedure. To minimize and alleviate it, place ice and ice packs on your cheeks and face in the 36 hours after your oral surgery.


As soon as the sedation from your anesthesia wears off, manage moderate pain with over the counter medications like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. For severe pain, take the medication prescribed to you by your oral surgeon.

Dental Hygiene

The day following your oral surgery for an impacted tooth, you should thoroughly cleanse your mouth after every meal and engage in warm salt water rinses six times per day. When brushing, be gentle around the affected area to reduce the potential for discomfort. Engage in this routine daily until the recovery process is complete.


On the day of your procedure, drink plenty of fluids and restrict your consumption to soft foods and liquids. As you feel more comfortable, you can return to your regular diet.


Your oral surgeon will advise you to avoid strenuous physical activity and exercise immediately after your oral surgery for an impacted tooth. In the days that follow, you may engage in your normal exercise routine as long as it does not cause bleeding to reoccur.

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