Jaw Troubles? Consider Botox Injections for TMJ Pain

botox injections for tmj pain

When people hear “Botox injections,” their mind tends to jump right to wrinkle reduction or plastic surgery. What many don’t know, however, are the benefits Botox offers for those suffering from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain or migraines. Botox injections for TMJ can minimize lockjaw, headaches that come from teeth grinding and many of the other surprising side effects that come from TMJ disorders.

Greater Impacts TMJ Can Have on the Body

TMJ disorders, otherwise known as TMD, typically develop from prolonged teeth grinding or clenched jaws – anything that puts stress on the jaw joint and surrounding muscles. Teeth grinding or jaw clenching can manifest from several sources, including:

  • Abnormal bite pattern like missing or crooked teeth
  • Anxiety
  • Habit
  • Oral fixations
  • Other physical or mental source
  • Sleep disorders like sleep apnea
  • Stress

Teeth grinding and clenching most commonly occur at night while sleeping. Just like everything else in the body, your jaw muscles are connected to several other muscles throughout the body and can wreak havoc on your shoulders, neck and back. TMJ can also cause migraines and pinched nerves through stressed and strained muscles.

To alleviate the side effects of TMJ disorders, dentists aim to stop the pain at the source. Reducing the time spent grinding teeth and jaw clenching is the first step in alleviating migraines and back pain resulting from TMJ. This is most commonly done through the use of mouth guards that, like retainers after braces, are specifically molded to fit each individual’s teeth. This design prevents the jaw from engaging during clenching or grinding and protects the joints and muscles from exhaustion.

Benefits of Botox Injections for TMJ

Botox injections for TMJ can help alleviate jaw tension, headaches due to teeth grinding and even lockjaw. While mouth guards are an option for TMJ treatment, they require regular nightly use to be effective. Remembering to put the mouth guard in every night can be difficult, which is why Botox injections for TMJ is a great alternative.

The nonsurgical, outpatient procedure is quick and easy – taking about 10 to 30 minutes for each session. Most commonly, Botox is injected into the forehead, temple and jaw muscles, though locations can vary depending on your unique needs. The exact number of injections is unique as well, and your doctor will determine how many are needed based on your case. After getting the Botox injections, you’ll be free to return to your normal daily activities immediately, with little to no pain after injection.

Call a Specialist to Discuss Botox Injections for TMJ

TMJ pain is often unbearable, and while there are many options available to treat symptoms after the fact, Botox injections for TMJ are the best thing to stop the pain before it starts. Give your jaw joints and muscles a break from the constant tension and let the flood of relief flow through you.

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