At Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, your maxillofacial surgeon may recommend administering intravenous anesthesia sedation for more invasive oral surgery like dental implants and wisdom teeth removal. This method of sedation renders you unconscious during your procedure to relax you and prevent you from experiencing pain and discomfort. If your maxillofacial surgeon approves you to receive anesthesia, you will need to take the following steps to prepare before the day of your oral surgery.


During your pre-operative consultation with your maxillofacial surgeon, you must notify them of any medications you take to determine if you qualify for intravenous aesthesia sedation.

Food and Drinks

You will be prohibited from consuming any food or drinks eight hours prior to your procedure.


While you should abstain from smoking 12 hours before your appointment, maxillofacial surgeons suggest stopping well in advance of your oral surgery for your maximum health and safety.

Travel Arrangements

You will be prohibited from operating vehicles or heavy machinery 24 hours after receiving intravenous anesthesia sedation. As a result, you must have an adult accompany you and drive you home after your procedure.


Your maxillofacial surgeon will need easy access to your arm to administer your anesthesia, so you should wear a t-shirt or loose-fitting clothing with rollable sleeves on the day of your oral surgery. You will also need to remove jewelry, contacts and dentures before your procedure.


It is a best practice to avoid wearing heavy makeup, lipstick, or nail polish before receiving intravenous anesthesia sedation.


If you are experiencing any symptoms related to Covid-19, cold, sore throat or upset stomach, please contact your maxillofacial surgeon before your surgery.

The maxillofacial surgeons at Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery will administer intravenous anesthesia sedation before your oral surgery to ensure you receive the stress-free treatment you need to get the exceptional results you deserve.

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