5 Different Types of Facial Surgery

Facial surgery can be used in a range of ways for a variety of purposes. At Greater Atlanta Oral Facial Surgery, we offer multiple facial surgeries to our patients. Here are five of the most popular surgeries performed in our office.


Jaw Surgery

Also called orthognathic surgery, jaw surgery is a facial surgery that can correct a variety of issues. If your jaw is misaligned naturally or due to an accident, jaw surgery can help to correct that. Additionally, if you have difficulty chewing, constant pain in your TMJ joint, an open bite, or a protruding jaw, jaw surgery may also be the answer.

We start with X-rays and computer imaging. That helps us locate the nerves and plan every cut of the procedure, and those steps ultimately lead to a smoother, more comfortable, more efficient surgery. We also use software to ensure that the ultimate craniofacial position is correct.

Best of all, with contemporary jaw surgery, you don’t have to wear a brace for months afterwards. Usually, you can start using your jaw regularly soon after the surgery, and you only have to eat soft foods for a short time.


Facial Trauma

If you experience a facial trauma due to a car accident, a sporting accident, or for any other reason, our facial surgeons can also address that. We carefully stitch and suture the soft tissues together. As it’s not possible to put a face in a cast or a sling, we use rigid fixation techniques to stabilize the jaw bones with small plates and screws. We can also replace knocked out teeth in many cases.


Sleep Apnea Operations

In some cases, facial surgery can correct sleep apnea issues. A uvulo-palato-pharyngo-plasty can help to remove excess tissue from the throat. Alternatively, your surgeon may advise you to get a surgery that tightens the soft palate. Both of these operations can be done with radio-frequency probes or lasers under light IV sedation in our office.

We also do orthognathic surgeries in hospital settings with the patient under general anesthesia. Those treatments move the jaw bones to create more room for air to flow into your throat, and they typically require an overnight stay in a hospital.


Oral Pathology

If you have suspicious tissues such as potential tumors, you may need an oral pathology. In this operation, the surgeon removes a bit of the tissue. That can often be part of the mucosa and occasionally be part of the underlying bone. Once the tissue is removed, it can be examined to see if any additional treatment is necessary. This facial surgery can happen in the clinic with local anesthesia.


Dental Bone Graft

Bone grafting is when you move bone from one part of your body (or take bone from a tissue bank) and move it to your jaw. This can be essential in cases of facial trauma, but it can also be useful if you are getting dental implants and don’t have enough jawbone to anchor them in place.


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