Getting a Dental Bone Graft Before Dental Implants

In some cases, your jaw bone may not be strong enough to support a dental implant, and to prepare your mouth, your oral surgeon may need to do a dental bone graft. Essentially, this process involves moving bone from one part of your body to your jaw bone. When that heals, you get the implant

TMJ Treatments That Work Without Surgery

TMJ disorder can cause significant amounts of pain in the jaw area. While there is a perception that this ailment can only be resolved through invasive surgery, nothing is further from the truth. TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, is a term that refers to a variety of different maladies that often manifest as the limited

Using Botox for Migraines

If you’re a chronic migraine sufferer, you’ve probably tried every treatment out there. You’ve tried meditation, yoga, dark rooms, and just about every vitamin and supplement you can think of. You’ve talked to your family and friends, gone to the doctor, and maybe even visited holistic alternatives. But have you tried Botox for migraines? If